Elizabeth Taylor 1932 – 2011


Elizabeth Taylor has had an interesting life and a great
deal of success. Her exalted Venus in the auspicious 5th house with
Rahu indicates her beauty and international appeal. Jupiter exalted in the 9th
house indicates her charity works and her need to reach out to people afflicted
with HIV and AIDS.  From the Moon, we
find 2 panchmahapurusha yogas, Sasa and Hamsa, which explain her widespread and
lasting appeal to the public. Saraswati yoga confirms her talent, wealth and
beauty.  Her fame is indicated by
Vargottama Sun and Mercury located in the 4th house with Ascendant
Lord Mars. While much more can be said of her chart, we turn today to consider
the timing of her passing to see what can be learned from this event. According
to the New York Times, the cause of death was complications from congestive
heart failure after a 6 week hospitalization.

Birth Data: February 27, 1932, 2:15am London, England

Death Information: March 23, 2011 1:28 am Los Angeles, California




Upon initial examination, we see that the Lagna at death was
Scorpio just as in the birth chart. Additionally, the Moon, which indicates our
individual soul, was in Scorpio, Vishaka at birth and at death. The Lagna
represents the physical body and the return of the moon to the same nakshatra
indicates, by Tara Bala, that there is danger the physical body.

Maraka lords, which describe the person’s death, are Jupiter
(2nd house lord) and Venus (7th house lord).  At the time of death, Jupiter was at almost
19 degrees of Pisces which places it in Revati, the nakshatra occupied by Venus
in the natal chart. So we see a conjunction by transit of the Maraka Lords.
Additionally, at death, Venus was located at 1 degree of Aquarius which creates
an applying aspect to the Lagna lord, Mars, in the natal chart.

the cause of death was congestive heart failure which is the body’s inability
to ????. Jupiter indicates swelling and Venus indicates water and fluids. The
Sun is the indicator of the heart and he was located in Pisces with Rahu and
Venus, Maraka lord.

At the time of death, the Vimshottari dasa in the birth
chart was Su, Sa, Ve, Sa, Sa. Venus as we indicated earlier is Maraka lord as
ruler of the 7th house and was applying toward the Lagna Lord,
physical body. Additionally, Venus in the birth chart was being transited by
the other Maraka lord, Jupiter. So we turn to Saturn as the ruler of three
levels of the active planets. Firstly, Saturn in a natural indicator of karma
and death only comes when you have completed your karmas for this lifetime. In
the birth chart, Saturn is very strong being located in his own sign in the birth
chart and forming Sasa Yoga from the moon’s lagna. Sasa yoga creates a
commanding personality who will champion unfashionable causes. These people are
able to shoulder responsibility, and are unafraid of facing karmic debts. At
her passing, Saturn was moving retrograde and was placed at 20 degrees of
Virgo.  Saturn was casting a tight 3rd
aspect to the birth chart Lagna and his 7th aspect fell close to
Venus in the birth chart as well.

The day before Ms. Taylor died, the Vimshottari dasa values
were Sun, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Rahu. Here we see the Maraka lords, Venus
and Jupiter, joining Rahu, the indicator of karma in the current life, at the
most specific levels of planetary activity. So, we can see that she completed
all of her karma and was released when the dasa changed to Saturn on the last 3

At the time of passing, the Tithi was Panchami, Nakshatra
was Vishaka, Karna was kaulava, and Yoga was Harshana.

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  1. Interesting. Now I have a better idea what to look for in my late brothers charts. First time I’ve come access you. I have avid interest in Vedic astrology since I discovered it recently.
    Thank you , I shall add you to my Facebook x

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