February 2019: Time of Preparation

Mars moves into his own sign, Aries, on February 5. Mars will bring energy and creativity. While you may be distracted by all the ideas flying around in your mind, you will definitely have the energy to put your resolutions into action as Mars remains in Aries until 21 March. Mars aspects Rahu on 7 February so be sure to note any new ideas/plans/opportunities that come on that day as they may be indicators of your next Karmic steps.  The combination of Mars and Rahu may bring fiery events.

Sun is called Parjanya in Aquarius: the ferocious abundance of conception.

12th of February the Sun crosses into Aquarius. In Aquarius, the Sun takes the form of the Aditya Parjanya the Rain god, Thunderer and the one who fertilizes. This reflects the Sun’s characteristics of being the source of life (rain and fertility) which manifests with a fierce nature (thunderer). In the Rig Veda book 5 verse 83 Parjanya is greeted as “The Bull, loud roaring, swift to send his bounty, [who] lays in the plants the seed for germination.” He is said to split trees as the abundance of water/nourishment flows and he is also said to “smite sinners” (sinners are those who are overly immersed in the delusion of maya). Finally, in verse 10 the sages ask “Thou hast poured down the rain-flood now withhold it.” Which speaks to the need give space for conception which leads to the next cycle of experience.

As a masculine, externalizing, sign it makes sense that the nature of Aquarius is dynamic and fierce. As Aquarius is near the end of the zodiac, the sign works to detach us from the external world in which we have become overly attached yet there is a duality to the sign because the destruction is at the same time preparing for the next creation. Aquarius brings bounty and the fruits of our work, but as an air sign it can become unruly and destructive, so we must pray for moderation of the energy which allows is to be constructive. The deepest function of Aquarius is to destroy the last remnants of our attachment to this world so that we are prepared to enter the Piscean watery depths of universal consciousness. Here we begin to touch the chaos of the cosmos which carries us out of the delusion of maya. This is why we must practice yoga and meditation to prepare for the next stage of realization. The role of the Guru is to slowly prepare us to accept the overwhelming energy transmission of enlightenment. This is the foundation of Aquarius that carries us beyond me into the consciousness of we.

The common image of the broken vessel pouring out 1000 medicines reminds us that in the destruction of our ego (vessel) we can manifest deep healing which fosters new life. Our ability to endure the cycle of release and renewal is modified by the planets seated in Aquarius, planets aspecting Aquarius and the position of Saturn in the natal chart.

Venus crosses over Saturn on 18 February and may indicate blocks or disruptions in romantic relationships. The underlying energy supports invigoration to romance so if difficulty arises in your relationships it is likely to be short-lived. Give it a few days and then, if needed, you can discuss your perceptions with your significant other.

On Monday 18 February, Saturn also has a direct aspect on the Sun in the USA chart. Let’s see how that energy plays out. As Saturn represent the working class and Sun represents the King this could be a shift in Government.

On Wednesday, 20 February, Mercury will be hit with the damaging 3rd aspect from Saturn which will cause interruptions in communications and misunderstandings. This may also indicate a day of low energy or the start of cold/flu symptoms. Be sure to get plenty of rest and if illness arises then take steps to treat it early rather than ignoring the symptoms.

March will bring several deep planetary shifts, so it is important to take actions now to prepare for the changes that will manifest over the coming months. Practice a stress release activity daily:  quiet reflection, watching your breath, reading uplifting books, journaling, eat nourishing food and /or take moderate exercise. Mix it up so that you gain a wide variety of experiences.

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