March 2019: Planetary Shifts Bring New Perspectives

Mercury will be retrograde from March 5 until March 28, so clear communication will take more effort and we must recognize that our logical ability is impaired.  This is a time to avoid starting new projects and signing contracts, as you will see, we have many planetary shifts in the coming weeks and by April we will be in a new energy field.

Rahu and Ketu Move to Gemini and Sagittarius

On March 6 Rahu and Ketu move signs. These planets only change signs every 18 months so when they move signs, we feel it. The role of Rahu and Ketu is to present new karma that the world must process and release karmas that have completed development for this cycle. As they change signs, the global focus shifts to the areas that are highlighted by the signs Rahu and Ketu occupy. For example, on January 29, 2016 Rahu moved into Leo, the sign of Governments, which meant that a different approach to governing would be prominent. At the same time, Ketu moved into Aquarius. As Ketu’s role is to reject or suppress the energy of the sign he occupies, the Aquarian ideals of global unity and harmony were suppressed. This combination produced the current rise of Nationalist governments around the world beginning with the Presidency of Rodrigo Duterte on June 30, 2016. This cycle is likely to be expressed and refined for the next 9 years until Ketu comes and closes the energy in Leo and simultaneously, Rahu re-awakens the Aquarian ideals starting May 18, 2025.

During this cycle, Rahu’s move into Gemini indicates the potential for change, innovation and development in the areas of technology, climate science and attitudes concerning the role of corporations in society. The global balance of power may continue to shift.

In Technology, the nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius coincided with the introduction of Compac Discs (CD) in 1981 and the launch of the iPod in 2001. In 2001 Napster, an early music sharing service was closed due to its infringement upon the rights and profits of the music industry. 2001 also saw the start of Wikipedia. Innovation in music, social media and entertainment may be forthcoming from 3/2019 – 9/2020. Perhaps the wide-spread adoption of virtual reality. In 2001, Dennis Tito was the first Space Tourist, having paid to visit the International Space station. This return of the nodes could be good news for the companies innovating in commercial space flight.

In climate change, President George W. Bush declined to sign the 2001 Kyoto Agreement on Climate change…Yes, the global warming debate has been going on that long. However, The Eden Project in Cornwall, England Opened (the world’s largest greenhouse) trying to help save the world’s largest collection of plants, which continues to this day. So, the discussion about how we maintain the planet will continue with renewed vigor in the coming months.

In the Business Sector Enron Filed for bankruptcy which led to sweeping changes in corporate regulation in the US. Look for further deregulation as Ketu in Sagittarius promotes deconstructing the status quo. This change will be most event from January 2020 until September 2020 when Ketu is in his own lunar sign of Mula.

Unfortunately, the last nodal transit of Gemini and Rahu is most notable for the start of the War on Terrorism which began after the 9/11 attacks in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC. 2001 also saw a series of anthrax attacks by mail and the shoe-bomber on a flight from Paris. It is timely to note that these terrorist attacks derailed a comprehensive immigration plan between the US and Mexico. So perhaps we will finally make progress on resolving this ongoing issue with our southern neighbor.

In the chart for the US, Sagittarius is rising and Ketu transiting that sign is likely to bring widespread change in the US culture just as it did in 2001. We are more experienced and hopefully wiser this time as we evaluate how to respond to perceived and actual threats from other countries.

On a personal level, we also undergo a change of focus every 18 months and can track our personal long-term growth and development by thinking reflecting on our experiences from the prior transit of a sign 18 to 19 years earlier. The specific manifestation in your life are more clearly understood by studying your personal chart. Think back to the last time that Rahu was in Gemini and Ketu was in Sagittarius from July 30, 2000 until February 16, 2002. By remembering that time in your life, you may get a sense of the issues that will be resurfacing in your life. Be sure to take time to reflect on the expertise that you have gained in this area over the last 18 years.

Rahu and Ketu activate a deep development of Gemini and Sagittarius in your life. Globally, this will heighten the discussion around meeting short-term desires versus long-term growth opportunities. This energy signature will shift again on 22 September 2020 when Rahu enters Taurus and Ketu enters Scorpio.

On March 9th, the Sun will get hit with the damaging 3rd aspect from Saturn. This may manifest as anti-government protests in many areas of the world. And remember that cold/flu that started around February 20, it may recur so keep an eye out.

March 15 – March 29: Wisdom, Logic and Knowledge are impaired.

From 15 March until 6 May, Jupiter, the source of luck, good fortune and wisdom will be compromised as he transits the Gandanta degree between Scorpio and Sagittarius. This is a turbulent, confusing and troubling energy which scrambles the Jupiterian energy and leaves us feeling unsupported and disconnected.

On March 20th, Mercury, who is already weakened by being retrograde, gets further afflicted by the 3rd gaze of Saturn, so our communication and reasoning skills will be more impaired that usual. This occurs on a Wednesday which is ruled by Mercury, so this is a great day to really slow down and avoid making any long-term plans or having difficulty conversations. Let the day flow by and the you can address any issues in a few days when the energy has cleared from Saturn’s tough aspect. Note what happens today because if an issue arises it will likely return and be resolved after 7 April when Mercury again crosses Saturn’s punishing gaze and is no longer retrograde.

On March 21, the Spring Equinox, there is a full Moon in Virgo. The full Moon will support the working class and promote fructification of events.

Jupiter and Venus are the two planets that serve as teachers and guides. On March 21, Venus moves into Aquarius. Venus, the keeper of worldly knowledge, in Aquarius promotes service and healing to all creatures and to the planet itself.

On March 21, Jupiter, seated in the turbulent last degree of Scorpio, has a direct aspect from Mars. Jupiter guides us to higher wisdom. Jupiter is deeply impaired by the darkness of Scorpio and the cutting gaze of Mars as he attempts to cross the tumultuous energy at the last degree of Scorpio. These factors compounded by the fact that Jupiter is about to turn retrograde within 1 degree of his current placement means that we are not seeing the whole picture clearly and can jump extreme conclusions and fall victim to propaganda. Just take a moment to consider your response before you speak or act. If something seems too outrageous it may not be accurate.

Sun is called Dhata in Pisces

The Sun takes the form of the Aditya Dhata when he transits Pisces from 14 March until 14 April. Dhata is the divine being who is the creator, arranger, maintainer, and manager of all things. He is said to be the one who orders time and the seasons. Thus, we see the organizing aspects of the Sun, whose gravitational force creates our solar system and establishes both cosmic and daily order. Dhata invokes the Sun’s role as the primary creator of all forms and beings. Pisces, in many ways, transcends consciousness and manifests intuition (subconscious). In order to establish the structure of our solar system, The Sun as Dhata must be independent and exist outside the current order. Here we recognize the eternal aspect of the Sun which is the gateway to higher realms of consciousness. Pisces is a moksha sign which can transcend the temporal and exist in the eternal. Venus is the only planet who has the secret of immortality and he is exalted in Pisces.  Pisces follows the release our last material bonds in Aquarius and exists before physical manifestation re-emerges in Aries, therefore Pisces is associated with the in-utero phase of creation, after conception (Aquarius) but before birth (Aries). Pisces is a formless space from which anything can and everything does emerge. This formlessness is a challenge for Mercury whose element is Prithvi, solid forms, and therefore Pisces is his weakest sign. Also, Mercury takes on the characteristics of the energy and planets near to him, thus the Piscean formlessness makes him feel insecure and unsure of himself. As a feminine, internalizing sign, the Piscean energy functions on a secret, internal, subconscious level.  Our individual ability to connect to the eternal and swim in the cosmic oceans is modified by planets seated in Pisces, planets which are aspecting Pisces and the placement of Jupiter in the birth chart.

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