April 2019 Jupiter and Saturn Turn Retrograde

 “Feel Good Factor” Jupiter in troubled energy and turning retrograde

Staring 15 March Jupiter’s normally optimistic energy will be blocked. There are 3 phases of the obstruction, 15 March to 10 April when the energy will be knotted, stuck and stirring up thoughts and possibly regrets from the past. On 10 April Jupiter turns retrograde which introduces an element of imbalance and unexpected outcomes to this knotted energy.  On May 6th, Jupiter has returned to Scorpio and finally leaves the knotted energy behind which allows the stress and tension level to drop. However, Jupiter continues to move in a retrograde motion until 11 August so he will continue to be unpredictable and may bring unexpected results. His retrograde pattern will be a major influence throughout the summer months. Jupiter is the natural indicator of Teachers, spiritual leaders, husbands and children so during these months there may be surprising revelations and increased tension in these types of relationships. Also, when Jupiter is retrograde, and especially if Mercury is not well situated as you will see below, be aware that you may not get good advice, or you may find yourself getting unsolicited advice. You may also doubt your knowledge in an area. Jupiter also brings feelings of good luck and good fortune so if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, remember that taking a walk, spending time with positive people, listening to calming music and avoiding negative media can help raise your spirits.

Mercury: Logic and Communication enters his weakest sign

7 April brings Mercury into the damaging 3rd gaze of Saturn. Saturn’s gaze or “evil eye” is said to do damage to anyone it falls upon. This gaze today indicates that you are likely to have trouble with communications, computers and electronics. Also, you may not be thinking clearly. Be conscious of your interactions with others and avoid difficult conversations, making major purchases or signing contracts today.

11 April Mercury enters Pisces, which is his weakest sign. Mercury represents all forms of solid matter and he has a logical nature. Therefore, he is not comfortable in the watery swirling emotions of Pisces.  He will remain in Pisces until 3 May.  Each year around this time, Mercury spends a month in Pisces, so take a minute to think about any significant events that occurred in April. They may have been related to your career, communications or education. This is a great way to begin to observe how Mercury works in your chart.

Venus: creativity and desire enters his strongest sign

As Venus is following closely behind Mercury, he passes through Saturn’s destructive gaze on 12th of April. This can indicate a temporary disruption in your romantic life and is not a good day to start new creative endeavors. You may also feel the urge to resort to old coping mechanisms (too much food or drink, etc.). These effects will be more acute because 12 April falls on a Friday, the day ruled by Venus. Venus is a passionate energy which can be prone to violence and obsession in the Vedic understanding and as Mercury, the logical planet which helps balance Venus, is also impaired, we must be aware that it is up to us to maintain an even temper for the next few days.

15th April brings Venus into Pisces which is his strongest sign where he remains until 10 May. Venus in Pisces can bring a flood of creative ideas and a feeling that romance is everywhere. As Pisces is the connection to the higher realms and the arena of sleep, this would be a great month to keep a dream journal and you might be able to access healing and creative information from the next realm. If you are troubled, ask for guidance before you go to sleep and you may get answers or insight during the night or upon waking the next morning.

On 29 April Saturn turns retrograde in Sagittarius. Saturn will move backwards from 26 degrees of Sagittarius to 19 degrees of Sagittarius by 18 September. Saturn turns retrograde each year for approximately 5 months. During this time, you may feel frustrated and overly responsible for the actions of others. This can lead to resentment, unexpressed anger and holding grudges. Jupiter and Saturn’s retrogrades in Scorpio and Sagittarius create an energy signature which will dominate the next six months. During this time, avoid over scheduling your time, maintain a healthy sleep regimen, set healthy boundaries with others and take time to rest and recover over the coming months.

Sun is called Aryaman in Aries where the Sun is exalted

14 April Sun enters Aries where he assumes the form of the Aditya, Aryaman. Aryaman is often invoked with Varuna (ancient god of the night) and Mitra (ancient god of the day).  From this, we see that Aries is the boundary that separates the light from the dark, the manifest from the unmanifest. Aries is the moment of manifestation. The Sun not only defines the day and the night but also brings all forms into manifestation which could be one reason why the Sun is exalted in Aries. The Sun’s ability to create gives Aries the ability to see the potential for all future creation. This vision of “what could be” can be exciting but it can also become overwhelming and keep the Aries mind too focused on future projects which distracts them from finishing the projects that are already started. Aryaman also means companion and best friend which indicates that Aries manifests the best qualities of the Sun. Here the Sun can be charismatic, dynamic and invigorating. Sun in Aries combines the celestial fire of the Sun and the earthly fire of sign lord Mars which intensifies the creative and transformative quality of Aries. Saturn is debilitated in Aries and, as we have seen, his signs of Capricorn and Aquarius are concerned with preparing us to leave this physical realm whereas Aries is focused on engaging with the world. Our ability to create and engage in the world are modified by the planets seated in Aries and those aspecting Aries as well as the placement of Mars the ruler of Aries.

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