USA Vedic New Year 2019

The first day after the New Moon in Pisces marks the beginning of the Vedic New Year. This chart is often used to understand the how events will unfold for a particular country. You simply draw a chart for the capital city of the country at the time that the first lunar day (Tithi) begins. When the luminaries (Sun and Moon) are together in Pisces, the sign where we are most connected to the cosmic whole, we can gain insight into the karma that is coming to fruition in the next year for the country being considered. This chart will reveal trends and events that are ready to manifest in the coming year. Each country will have a unique view of the manifesting karma as the rising sign will be different depending upon the geographical location of the capital. This also means that the houses, which indicate areas of life that will be impacted by the planets will change for countries around the world. I also think that Pisces is a sign of the shared unconscious that connects us. So, the Vedic New Year chart shows the collective consciousness of a country’s population.

I have drawn a chart for the USA from Washington DC on April 5 at 4:51 am EDT.  From this chart we see the major lessons that will be maturing for the country as well as the blocks that will need to be resolved. Let’s begin with a review of the key attributes of the Aquarius ascendant.

2019 USA New Year Rashi

2019 USA New Year D-9

Key Attributes of Aquarius in the Ascendant

For the USA, the 2019 Vedic Year will be dominated by the energy of Aquarius. Aquarius is the section of the zodiac where we have gained the maturity to face difficult past karma. This year, our experiences will give opportunities to move toward a more universal world view. This is not an easy process as we must let go of past thought and behavior patterns that have worked in the past but are now no longer effective. Under the guidance of Aquarius, we must adopt new responses to old patterns which can feel risky and uncertain.  However, we must now pursue a higher purpose to our work in order to feel satisfied. The old patterns of divisiveness and exploitation will no longer work as the public will see them as anachronistic. The USA has been living though a master class of backward thinking since 2016 which has sharply defined the ideas that no longer work in the collective consciousness of the country.

Aquarius enjoys exploring and being put to the test. This sign is courageous and deeply connected to self-improvement. There is a struggle between devotion to material comforts and the realization that “things” cannot bring us happiness. You may feel drawn to simplify your life and learn to do more with less. Experiment with slowing down and taking time to find joy in your everyday tasks.

Aquarian energy is more comfortable dealing with people in groups rather than one-on-one, so Aquarians can appear remote and aloof. However, Aquarians are experiencing deep emotional turmoil which arises from the process of releasing old karmic patterns. This shift in energy is a chance to remake our self-image personally and as a country. What does it mean to be me? What does it mean to be American?

Aquarius inevitably leads us toward cosmic consciousness, the realization that happiness lies not in self-satisfaction but in service to others. When we struggle against this metamorphosis, we can become our own worst enemy. As we embrace the change process, we are led to a deeper understanding of our highest self. Under the guidance of Aquarius, we release our ego and gain cosmic (eternal) consciousness.  The USA will be experiencing this evolution over the coming 12 months.

To gain a little more insight into the coming year, I will be using a set of 8 factors that describe the energy of the 2019 Vedic New Year Chart. For those who are familiar with astrology, I will be looking at the Chara Karakas.

What is the major lesson that the country is in the process of mastering? (AK)

The major lesson that has dominated the mind of the country for several years has been the tug of war between nationalism and globalism. Several factors indicate that this year there will be a growing emphasis on a return to more global view of the world. Aquarius is the rising sign and Saturn takes the role of defining the major lesson for this year (Atmakaraka). Both indicate that the focus in the USA may shift to a world view focused on helping the everyday people rather than corporations and the elite. The core lesson of this multi-year goal will be understanding that any country is only as strong as the most vulnerable members of a society. Significant progress in this area is indicated by the fact that Saturn rules the first house and is AK. Additionally, the karmic roots of this issue give the power to invigorate the debate. Those who oppose these ideas are likely to recede from view but while progress will occur the whole problem will not be resolved in this year.

What specific aspect of the major lesson will be prominent in the coming year? (Am)

This year will bring forth many people who gain public attention based on their ethical merit and vision of creating a better world for all people. These people will support the common good in a practical and balanced manner. Mercury assumes the role of defining the immediate tasks needed to support the major lesson (Amatyakaraka). Mercury is seated in Aquarius with Venus who is the kingmaker planet in the chart. Both planets are well-placed in Aquarius which indicates the ability communicate a positive vision of the future and the ability to capture the hearts and minds of the country. Mercury’s rulership of Gemini in the 5th house of good fortune and innovation adds a further indication of success.  Mercury however also owns difficult houses in both the rashi and D-9 chart, this indicates that there will be strong opposition from media outlets and foreign countries who will attempt to undercut the people who are supporting a more just and equitable society. This is where the Aquarian move toward progress becomes personal. Each of us must question the information that is being offered. We must support the actions that support our vision of who we are becoming on a personal and national level.

What energy will promote safety courage and confidence in the populace? (BK)

Many parts of society feel disenfranchised and afraid. The public is looking for leaders who can demonstrate an authentic emotional connection and intuitive support. Moon takes the role of providing a sense of protection and instilling the courage and confidence required to face the world and endure this process of change (Bhratrikarka).  Moon is placed Pisces in the second house which indicates the we will be coping with the results of the country’s past actions. In order to regain our place in the world, and feel confident and proud, we must summon the courage to look at our past mistakes and take steps to repair past injustices.

What energy will nourish and sustain the country? (MK)

Emotional and physical nourishment are key factors which support our ability to persevere in the change process.  The Sun takes the role nourishing and sustaining our soul and psyche (Matrikarkaraka). The Sun, like the Moon, is placed in the second house is the sign of Pisces.  This indicates that we will have adequate nourishment to make significant progress in adopting cosmic ideals.

The prior two attributes are represented by the Moon and Sun respectively and as these planets are both placed in Pisces in the Second House it indicates that in the coming year there will be a great deal of global karma that will activated and resolved. This may be uncomfortable in the short run, but it indicates a shift in the global consciousness which will manifest a deeper understanding of our commonalities rather than our differences.

What approach to change will be most successful in promoting adoption of these new ideas? (PiK)

For new ideas to appeal to the public this year, they must be practical and achievable. Venus takes the role of providing the worldly and spiritual knowledge to support the learning process (Pitrikaraka).  Venus is a merchant who has a keen understanding of risk and reward. He is also a warrior who is not afraid to shake-up the status quo to make way for innovation can leads to a long-term benefit. Venus is the key to great success in the coming year and will be the principle driver of change and development as Raja Yoga Karaka in the first house.

What is the most likely outcome of these efforts? (Puk)

Many people will leave behind old patterns and prejudice in the new year in favor of the new ideas and views being put forth by those in the public eye. The same old ideas will begin to appear out of date and unappealing. Mars represents the outcome, results or legacy which arises from the learning process this year (Putrakaraka). Mars is the planet of self-purification, seated in the 4th house of happiness in the practical sign of Taurus. Therefore, many people may begin to recognize the pragmatic benefit of adopting solutions which benefit all the populace and the planet. Furthermore, Mars is placed in the lunar sign which symbolizes cutting the ties to the past and supports the power of transformation. Mars (Puk) and Venus (Pik) have multiple connections in the chart and sub-charts which indicates that the new ideas that emerge are likely to spur the common person to action and create a new legacy.

What is the major obstacle which stands in the way of success? (GK)

Fear of negative economic implications and fear of foreign ideas are the major obstacles we must overcome. Those who oppose ideas of change will use financial and cultural fear to inhibit the adoption of new solutions and ideas.  Fear mongering around immigration, terrorism and socialism will continue to be used to control the population. Rahu represents the energy that will block our progress and development (Gnatikaraka). If we can resist the pull into paralysis, we can connect with the higher lesson of Rahu and Ketu in Gemini and Sagittarius which is to facilitate the implementation of the highest ideals in daily life. In order to arise above the fear each of us must take time to sit quietly and listen to our internal wisdom which emanates from your heart. Then we will find the strength to follow the path which leads us out of fear and into unconditional love. There is an indication that we have a good chance to overcome this obstacle and a nation as Saturn the indicator of the Major Lesson is moving in concert with the Nodes for many months this year. Rahu and Ketu are aligned in the Rashi and D-9 chart which indicates that we are coping with deep seated patterns. This indicates that we must strive to make progress but must not expect these issues to be resolved this year.

What are the major distractions that can derail progress? (Dk)

The major distraction this year will come from a continued flow of sensational lies which are perpetuated on social and in the national media. Jupiter represents the energy that is likely to distract us from the path of progress (Darakaraka).  Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, begins the year placed in a part of the zodiac which acts like a whirlpool and draws us into a downward spiral. He remains afflicted until early November when he enters Sagittarius. To resist being swept up in the media noise, we must each exercise discipline and moderation in our speech and actions. We must be wise consumers of media and not be drawn in by every titillating lie. By resisting the downward spiral, we make space for new ideas to manifest which will benefit all of us. From November onward there is the potential for the USA to heal relations with other countries.

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