May 2019 Saturn, Rahu and Ketu Align

Throughout the month, Jupiter and Saturn remain in retrograde motion this indicates that there will be a tendency to over commit to work and social obligations and you may have more difficulty sitting quietly, feeling that you should be on the move instead.

On 1 May Saturn gets a direct aspect from Mars 8th gaze which can bring unexpected eruptions as the two are natural enemies. Mars indicates siblings and Saturn indicates our elders so these relationships may the focus of some strife on this day. If conflict comes to you, take a deep breath and give the situation some space, it might resolve on its own in a few days, if not you will be in a better place to address the issues productively.

On May 3, Mercury leaves his weakest sign and enters Aries where he joins the exalted Sun. Mercury is the planet of logic and communication, Mercury always takes on the energy of the planets who are in the same sign. Therefore, this may increase your ability to communicate effectively with those in power, especially about new ideas and projects.

On May 5 which is the New Moon Aries, Jupiter who is sitting in Scorpio receives the 7th gaze from Mars who is transiting Taurus. This can give an emotional day and you may have thoughts of being unlucky in life and love. This is the play of the mind who is represented by the Moon and these impressions and thoughts change daily. Acknowledge your feelings but remember these are just thoughts not facts. In the next few days Moon and Jupiter move to a better position and you may feel better about your circumstances.

On May 6, Mars moves into Gemini where he is seated with Rahu until 22 June when he enters his weakest sign of Cancer. Mars in Gemini with Rahu can inflame the passions in many areas of life but especially in relationships. There can be a desire to go out and meet new romance. So do what you will with that; but, be sure to consider the consequences, something that neither planet will be thinking about.

On May 10 Venus joins Sun and Mercury in Aries. This configuration lasts until 14 May when Sun moves into Taurus. This is an excellent time to start or develop creative projects. If you have an offer to join or support a creative endeavor (art, music, poetry, literature, dance, theater, etc.) this opportunity will give great satisfaction.

On May 14th the Sun moves into Taurus where he is the Aditya Mitra, the great friend. In the Rig Veda there is one hymn to Mitra which states that Mitra stirs us to labor, sustains heaven and earth and beholds us with an unblinking eye. Those who bring him food [nourishment and oblation] are considered dear to Mitra and he “gives splendor of most glorious fame”. Taurus is a rajasic sign so the urge to action seems appropriate. Taurus is often associated with labor and food as an earth sign which also sustains earth. And the oblations offered to the gods through homa and puja sustain the heavens.  It is said that Mitra sees us with an unblinking eye. This is a fundamental quality of the Sun who regards all beings equally. That same unblinking quality is found in deep friendships and close relations. When we fully see those close to us, we can accept them with their strengths and shortcomings. This quality links to Taurus’ association with our near and dear ones AKA our birth family. The idea of “glorious fame” are further explained in verse 2 which states that “He whom [Mitra] helps never is slain or conquered, on him…falls no affliction.” Together, someone who provides food/nourishment/support, motivation to work, unblinking honest regard and offerings to the gods would be a great friend. And with a friend like this we can achieve great things in life.  Our ability to experience these aspects in life are modified by the planets seated in Taurus, planets aspecting Taurus and the position of Venus in the natal chart.

18 May Mercury enters Taurus during a Full Moon in Scorpio where Jupiter is seated. This bring the potential to gain insight and understanding around childhood difficulties and challenging family dynamics. Take time to journal about these areas and you may be surprised at what emerges.

20 May mark your calendar, today Saturn who is moving retrograde joins Rahu and Ketu who always move in retrograde (backwards) motion and they will be together until early October when Saturn separates in a forward motion. This is an unusual alignment of 3 planets which create turmoil and difficulty. These planets do not ease our path but present obstacles which further our personal and karmic development. In the long run, overcoming these obstacles is beneficial but during the experience it feels challenging and uncomfortable.

The alignment of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu creates an axis which spans from 26 degrees to 18 degrees in Gemini and Sagittarius. If the axis, crosses over planets in your birth chart, you are likely to experience changes and challenges in your life.  For all of us, the transits of Mars and Mercury in June and Venus and Sun in July across this axis will bring the opportunity for growth and deep insights. While this will be a challenging time, the power of astrology is that we can prepare for difficult times and we also can see when the energy will shift again to provide relief.

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