What is Jyotish

Jyoti Means Light

The Sanskrit word for a person who studies planetary effects on our lives and our world is Jyotish. Jyoti means light. Specifically, light that emanates from the great cosmic center. This light, which encompasses the visual spectrum as well as the sub- and supra- visible spectrum, is channeled and directed by the visible planets and magnetic points in space.

The results of these planetary influences are well known to most people. Consider the moon’s effect on the ocean tides.  The lunar force attracts water and causes it to flow toward the area of the planet that is closest to the moon. As the earth rotates on its axis each day, the water rises in the area that is closest to the moon and recedes when that area moves away from the moon. Thus, it is common knowledge that the planets affect our physical world.

Only salt water is attracted to the moon, fresh water does not exhibit strong tidal flow. Our bodies are 70% liquid which consists of almost identical proportions of minerals and salts found in ocean water. Therefore, one must consider the likelihood that we are also influenced by the moon.

Likewise, the Sun’s gravitational pull affects all the known bodies in our solar system. Additionally, the Sun’s light helps the body create vitamin D and can cause cancer. So on both the macro and micro scale, we find a second celestial body that exerts a physical influence on our lives.

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